lundi 6 mai 2013

...busy making other plans

Well it's been so long since my last post that blogger's editing screens are all changed !
I've been busy with things unrelated with comics, drawing or cocktailing so I had nothing to post here.
I have to mention, though, that, some six months ago, some articles I wrote for Scarce saw print at last. At last, because, Scarce being a fanzine, the print scheduling is far from being a sure thing. The articles were written in 2010-2011 and printed in november 2012. They were about Garth Ennis run on the Punisher. I enjoyed this run so much that I felt like writing about it. I did two interviews by email of Lewis Larosa and Leandro Fernandez, who have penciled arcs of Punisher MAX. I even "hired" two other guys from the Internet (known through their comments on Amazon or through their blog) to write additional articles on the Punisher. So, it's been my very small "editor" experience.

I also penciled a Frankie for the occasion :

And finally, some weeks ago, I made a custom action figure in the Marvel Universe scale (4 inch).

As I don't know when I'll do my next post, I'm giving you a glance at all my recent customs creations :
The Black Widow

Punisher 616 and Daredevil (note the Mazz-inspired pose)

Moon Knight

Batman : The Dark Knight Returns

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samedi 31 décembre 2011

One last post for 2011

I guess it's the right time to up my postcount for 2011.

I've been very busy with real life these last months. I've changed of job, bought a house and had a second daughter.

Yet, with the holiday season, I've had time to read a few comics and here are my comments about them.

JLA : another nail, Fantastic Four : The End and Avengers Prime : surely that Alan Davis guy can draw. And his writing is good, too (especially in FF : the End).
Les Chroniques de Conan, 1977 (french reprints of Savage Sword of Conan from the year 1977) : those Buscema and Alcala guys were no slouches either.
Batman and the Monster Men, Batman and the Mad Monk : Matt Wagner can draw and write ! I only wonder how many tales DC will manage to pack in Batman "first years".
The Walking Dead (book 1 and 2) : like the Zombie cocktail : potent stuff but not for me.
Chew (book 1 and 2) : more to my taste.
Criminal : the last of the innocent. Crime doesn't pay. Except when you can write good stories about it, like Brubaker and Phillips.
Scalped : the series will end in 2012 and I'll miss it (but at least, it's no cancellation but the planned ending).

And last but not least : the Daredevil relaunch. DD got back his cool, he's no more a pawn in the series and is graced with very nice art. What's to asked before his next breakdown ?

See you next year.

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mercredi 2 mars 2011

The Murdock Interviews - part 6

It seems Matt is running out of arguments.
Matt semble un peu à bout d'arguments.

Next : a friend of Daredevil offers counsel.
Prochainement : un pote de DD vient lui offrir conseil.

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vendredi 25 février 2011

The Murdock Interviews - part 5

Matt Murdock pursues his tour of Daredevil's former acquaintances to find a job.
Matt continue de faire le tour des connaissances de Daredevil pour trouver un boulot.
I just had to place a reference to "Cool Hand Luke"

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mercredi 23 février 2011

The Murdock Interviews - part 4

Daredevil's never been a member of the Avengers. Can Matt Murdock join the team ?
Daredevil n'a jamais été membre des vengeurs. Qu'en sera-t-il pour Matt Murdock ?
Is Matt gonna find someone to hire him ?
Matt trouvera-t-il quelqu'un pour louer ses services ?

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samedi 19 février 2011

The Murdock Interviews - part 3

Daredevil teamed-up with the FF a few times but this time it's Matt Murdock who offers his help.
Daredevil a déjà donné un coup de main aux 4 Fantastiques mais là, c'est Matt Murdock qui vient proposer son aide.

Better luck next time ?

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vendredi 18 février 2011

The Murdock Interviews - part 2

Where do you think Matt will go, next ?

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