samedi 7 juin 2008

Elektra Lives Again !

A few weeks ago, I had imagined the "Greek Ninja" cocktail, a variation of the Japanese Cocktail.
At the time, I didn't have Metaxa (a greek brandy) on hand so I couldn't try and taste my recipe...

Since, I've tracked and found Metaxa at a french liquor store on the Net.
Sincerely, when sipped neat, the stuff doesn't taste great (I would choose a good Cognac or Armagnac over Metaxa any day). The Muscat taste is here but it is not improved at all by the strenght of the brandy and it has a strange, burned after-taste.
Worse, when mixed in the Japanese Cocktail, it's not getting any better. With the 6/2 ratio of the recipe the drink is unbalanced when using a brandy like Metaxa.
So what ? Should I have to give up on my Elektra cocktail idea ?

No way ! A comixologist should never give up !
So I tried to alter the recipe to get a better taste :
3 cl of Metaxa brandy
3 cl of cherry brandy (hey, it's a brandy, after all, and it's red like Elektra's costume)
1,5 cl of lemon juice
1, 5 cl of orgeat syrup
a dash of aromatic bitters
Shake with ice and fine strain on a cocktail glass.
Garnish : cherry on rim.

It's definitively an improvement but maybe too fruity, due to the 3/3/1,5/1,5 ratio.
The Metaxa almost disappears under the cherry brandy (well, it might explain why it tastes better...) and the lemon juice adds some freshness.
Next time, I might try it with a 4/2/2/1 ratio (yeah, I'm that dedicated to the cause of Comixology!)

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