samedi 26 avril 2008

Cocktail R&D : the Hell's Kitchen and the Elektra

Having blogged about the "Old Hornhead", I should also mention another attempt at cocktails-that kinda-relate-to-comics : the Hell's Kitchen (check the link to see my post on a Daredevil message board).
The Hell's Kitchen is simply a variation of the Manhattan.
Well, I also feel this one can be perfected and maybe using a ratio of 1/1 (3cl of Irish Whiskey and 3cl of vermouth) I could make it without rye or bourbon...
This week, I have received 3 bottles of "The Bitter Truth" bitters (aromatic, orange and lemon). I've only tried their aromatic on a manhattan and it was top-notch (though I simply made that one with Rittenhouse 80 proof) :

Looking for another Daredevil-inspired cocktail, I thought about DD's first love : Elektra. Well, a lot could be said about her but there are at least two things I could mention : she's greek, and she's a ninja.
Looking for a greek spirit, I discovered there's a greek brandy : Metaxa, that can be used for mixing.
And for the Ninja stuff ? That's a bit harder (Ninjas are very secret about their booze).
Anyway, exploring cocktail blogs, I came accross the Japanese Cocktail, that uses brandy, orgeat syrup and aromatic bitter.

So the recipe of the Elektra (aka The Greek Ninja) could be something like this :
6 cl of Metaxa Brandy
1,5 cl of orgeat syrup
2 dashes of aromatic bitters
Stir in ice-filled mixing glass than serve in a cocktail glass.
Garnish with a lemon twist.

Unfortunately, Metaxa is hard to get in France so I haven't tried this recipe yet.
But me and my GF did try the Japanese Cocktail (I added some Peychaud, too) :

I used two different brandies : a no-name brandy and Remy Martin VSOP Cognac.
In this case, the cocktail made with the pricey cognac is definitely better than the one mixed with the cheap brandy (considering the huge amount of brandy used in that recipe, it's not really a surprise). How will it taste with Metaxa ? We shall wait a bit to know the answer.

Well, that's all for now on Cocktail R&D...

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