lundi 21 avril 2008

The Old Hornhead

Well, this one will be my first post in english...

Defining myself as a "comixologist", I had to post something about comics in this blog.
And about cocktails too.

Recently, one of my new favourites has been ... the Old Fashioned.
I won't go into details about that recipe because it's already been covered the encyclopedic way elsewhere.
There aren't many ingredients that go into that cocktail but I think the two keys are the choice of the whiskey (you have to pick a good bourbon or rye for this one) and the patience you'll put into preparing the drink.

Wait a minute... what about comics ?
Well, my all-time favorite comic-book character is Daredevil.
Over the years, I've penciled tons of pics of him but lately, with my new flame for cocktails, I haven't done much drawing and I felt "my hero" needed a cocktail hommage.

So, I'm bringing you... the Old Hornhead (one of DD's nickname) !

5 cl of Bourbon (I used Wild Turkey Rare Breed)
0,5 cl of simple syrup
0,5 cl of grenadine syrup (to provide the needed RED color)
2 dashes of Orange Bitter (yeah, I switched from aromatic bitter to orange bitter, call me an heretic if you want)

Pour syrups and bitter in a rocks glass. Stir with ice.
Add half the bourbon and more ice. Stir again.
Add the rest of the bourbon. Stir (again and again).
Express a large zest of orange over the glass.
Flame the zest and use it as a garnish with two maraschino cherries.
Serve with two RED straws (those are DD's billy clubs).

And there you have it ! The Old Hornhead !

I think I have to perfect this recipe but the Rare Breed is more than 100 proof so I can't make two attempts in a row.

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