jeudi 28 août 2008

Dakota North

My last attempt to create a comic-book-related-cocktail was the Elektra.

Weeks ago, I tried to do something about Dakota North, a supporting character of the Daredevil series.

Yeah, she's having a coffee on the pic, not a cocktail, but with a mental effort, you could imagine she's holding a boston shaker tin.
Why the smoke, then ?
You're no true believer.

I decided the "key" ingredient would be Maple Syrup.
Because it evokes Canada.
And what's North of Dakota ?
You get it.
Yeah, very tiny link, I know, but comixology is not that easy...

So, what else did I use to mix with Maple Syrup ? See below :

3 cl of gin
1,5 cl of Benedictine
1,5 cl of Maraschino
1,5 cl of Maple Syrup
a dash of aromatic bitter
Shake well and serve in a cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry.

This drink is sweet and strong, like the character it was inspired of...

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Le Vieux Carré

Lately, this blog's been lacking cocktails recipes...

The Vieux Carré has been everywhere on cocktail blogs this summer, because of Tales of the Cocktail, the event taking place in New Orleans...

I tried it a few weeks ago... I had to gather a bunch of ingredients (I used Darcy O'Neil's recipe).

Well, it's a kind of Sazerac with a twist. Not bad, but not a favorite.

In fact, the good Old Fashioned remains simple but suits me better.

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mardi 12 août 2008

Goodbye Mister Ennis!

I've just finished a picture of Frank Castle (inspired from a pic I found on Flickr).

Tomorrow, Punisher MAX #60 will be out and the run of Ennis will come to an end.
I really enjoyed the MAX series, much more mature and rewarding for the long-time reader than the previous Marvel Knights series, which was more comedic.

I've read a special (Little Black Book) by another writer who's gonna be part of the rotating team of writers replacing Ennis and I was not really convinced.

So cheers to Ennis and all the artists who've been part of this great, great run : you did a hell of a fucking job !

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