jeudi 28 août 2008

Dakota North

My last attempt to create a comic-book-related-cocktail was the Elektra.

Weeks ago, I tried to do something about Dakota North, a supporting character of the Daredevil series.

Yeah, she's having a coffee on the pic, not a cocktail, but with a mental effort, you could imagine she's holding a boston shaker tin.
Why the smoke, then ?
You're no true believer.

I decided the "key" ingredient would be Maple Syrup.
Because it evokes Canada.
And what's North of Dakota ?
You get it.
Yeah, very tiny link, I know, but comixology is not that easy...

So, what else did I use to mix with Maple Syrup ? See below :

3 cl of gin
1,5 cl of Benedictine
1,5 cl of Maraschino
1,5 cl of Maple Syrup
a dash of aromatic bitter
Shake well and serve in a cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry.

This drink is sweet and strong, like the character it was inspired of...

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Francesco a dit…

God, she's hot.