samedi 5 juillet 2008

The Maple Leaf and the A La Donna

Well, it's been a while...

I've made a trip to the Cognac region last week and I bought a few bottles.

Yesterday, being back at home, I tried two recipes : the Maple leaf for myself and the A La Donna for my soon-to-be wife.
I wanted to taste the Remy Martin 1738, a cognac designed for the american market (mellow and sweet).
The A La Donna was picked-up because it's using grapefruit juice.

My Maple Leaf :
- 5 cl of brandy, Remy Martin 1738 (the original recipe calls for Bourbon)
- 1,5 cl of maple syrup
- 1,5 cl of lemon juice
- a dash of orange bitter
Shake and serve in an old-fashioned glass.

Lately, I've also bought large old-fashioned glasses that fit my boston shaker, so I can shake drinks and serve directly (yeah, I'm a lazy boy).

Mrs Red Shaker's A La Donna :
- 4,5 cl of white rhum
- 4 cl of orange juice
- 4,5 cl of grapefruit juice
- a dash of aromatic bitter
Shake and serve in an old-fashioned glass.

Switching for brandy in the Maple Leaf might not have been a good idea... or maybe it's the orange bitter, anyway, my cocktail was so-so.
The A La Donna was better, a refreshing drink but a tad too light-weight for my taste.

So, once more, my GF's cocktail was better than mine...

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