dimanche 26 octobre 2008

My Manhattans around the world - Episode 2 : Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport claims to be "the world's best airport".
Well, I'm not fond of airports but the place surely looked clean and secured.
In 2004, back from a trip in Vietnam, I had time to kill, waiting for my connecting flight to Paris.

I went to a bar with a friend, I don't recollect much of the details : I think my friend had a Pina Colada... and the pretty barmaid was named Jenny. And I had a Manhattan, of course.

Surely, it wasn't "world's best Manhattan" but it wasn't bad either.
A pleasant way to kill some time.
Sometimes, cocktail-drinking is just the classier version of beer-football.

(Yeah, the shirt was bought in Vietnam and I only wore it once, since it shrinked ridiculously after the first wash)

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