lundi 27 octobre 2008

My Manhattans around the world - Episode 3 : Prague

It was in July 2005.
A friend (the one who had the Pina Colada in HK) and I went to "La Perle de Prague", a restaurant run by a french chef.
Before the dinner, he ordered a Brandy Alexander. And I ordered... you should know what by now.

The bar was slow, I think we were the only patrons for a while and I got to go behind the bar, just for a pic.
The Manhattan was ok but the barmaid used Famous grouse scotch while she had Wild turkey on the shelf. So, technically, I didn't have a Manhattan in Prague, but a Rob Roy.

Anyway, it was a nice bar, in a very nice city
(Yes, the weird look is one of my trademarks on photos)

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