mercredi 8 octobre 2008

My Manhattans around the world - Episode 0 : Andalusia

If I had to date the beginning of my passion for cocktails, it would be on year 2000, during the last trip I made as a student, before graduating.
We spent a week in an hotel in Andalusia.
At the bar of the hotel, the cocktails were incredibly cheap (it was in pesatas, but it had to amount around 2 or 3 euros...)
More surprising, they tasted good.
As the local beer (San Miguel) didn't appeal that much to me, I decided to order cocktails.
And the first one I ever ordered was... a Manhattan. My friends went with Pina Colada or Tequila Sunrise but for me, it had to be the Manhattan. The name just sounded so cool! After all, it's the place where most Marvel Superheroes live!

I can't tell if it was made with bourbon, rye or scotch. I think the barman did use Angostura.
What I can remember is it was served on the rocks and... it was strong. Sweet. But strong. And I kinda fell in love with that cocktail. (I also tried their Bloody Mary but it was atrocious.)

Well, back from this trip, I did not immediately buy all the bar-stuff to make cocktails. I even wait years before having my own shaker, then bitters, then uncommon bottles and more weird bottles.
But I think it all started with this Manhattan in Andalusia.

When I'm going to a new cocktail bar, I'm very likely to order a Manhattan. It helps me to determine if the barman knows his stuff or not.
In the few cocktail-bars of the world I have visited, I tried to have a Manhattan.
So that will be the topic of some of my next posts.

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